Flip it!

Ok, I am Flipping Out! I am so excited about the Flip Classroom approach I can’t contain my excitement. Again, education is on fire and we need to celebrate all that is great and awesome…like Flipping the Classroom. So, let me slow down because I am making assumptions that as my super tech-savvy reader you already know what the Flipped Classroom is. Allow me to elaborate.

I will be brief as the below infographic sums it up pretty well. The Flipped Classroom moves teachers from being the Sage on the Stage to the Guide on the Side. Instead of students doing homework at home…they will do it at school with the true expert, the teacher. Students instead will use online content at home such as video to introduce a concept which will then be covered more once they return to the classroom. The Khan Academy has joined in with the FC revolution and provides teachers with an opportunity to be a “Coach” via their website. Teachers can set up free user accounts and assign Khan Academy videos to their students. They can even track their progress to see if the students are actually watching the videos. Click here to learn more.

The Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

Fliply Yours,

The Cre8tiv Mind

CardFlick is Hot!

Ok, ok, ok…we all know about my technolust with apps.  Well, today I saw Card Flick and I am loving it.  I am always digging in my laptop bag, purse, truck, lipstick case…whatever, for a business card (on a side note I just got a really hot LV card case in an attempt to not lose my cards anymore).  Anyway, I am focused again…CardFlick is a new app “coming” to the App Store that will allow you to make your own digital business cards with varying themes and then “flick” them to a nearby person.  Check out the vid.



You have to go their site: http://cardflick.co and apply to be a Beta user.  Click this link here > http://cardflick.co/e75e10 to sign up.  The more friends I sign up the quicker we will all flick!

Flickly Yours,

The Cre8tiv Mind

Google POPS

Last week I had the pleasure of co-hosting a Google Docs webinar with Lainie Rowell and Angela Maiers.  We presented to over 260 educators how to use Google Docs in the classroom. In case you missed it, here is a link to the presentation.  As I continue to grow Google love I am constantly in awe of the ways we can use Google tools to enhance curriculum and instruction.  In addtition to hosting a webinar I also attended the Mobile2011 conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  What a fab-u-lous conference.  One of the highlights was to meet BrainPOP’s Vice President of 21st Century Learning, Dr. Kari Stubbs.  Just when I thought my Google love wouldn’t grow for at least another week…it burst again.

Did you know that you can link your BrainPOP account to your Google Apps account to benefit from the convenience of a single sign-on? Teachers and students can access BrainPOP directly:

You can also Track and Store Student Progress

After completing any BrainPOP graded quiz, students can choose the “Send to Teacher’s Google Spreadsheet” option.  Once they do, the results will be automatically sent to a spreadsheet that will appear among the teacher’s Google docs. Within the spreadsheet, each topic the teacher assigns gets its own worksheet (“tab”), storing students’ first, second, and most recent quiz score along with their names and Google App IDs. A summary sheet is included to help teachers further customize the data. Students will only have the option of sending their answers to their teacher’s spreadsheet if the student has logged in to BrainPOP through Google Apps.  I know…I know…I know…AWESOME!

Just had to let you know.

Googlely Yours,

The Cre8tiv Mind

BrainPop source information: http://www.brainpop.com/apps/googleapplanding/

dotEPUB — Download any webpage as an e-Book

dotEPUB — download any webpage as an e-book

I am about to scream.  I love my iPad and my iPad (hopefully iPad2 within the next hour) loves me too…but today, the love has grown.  A fellow colleague, Sam Parisi shared with me today the most unbelievable site: dotepub.com.  dotepub allows you to turn any webpage into an .ePub on the iPad! 


I know…let me repeat this: dotepub allows you to turn any webpage into an .ePub on the iPad! Now, if I am student who doesn’t have internet access at home I can simply create an ePub of a website I need to read and then…BOOM, I have access at home.  This really works well for anyone, but great implications in the classroom and beyond.

I really like the fact that we are able to promote literacy even through a webpage.  The Common Core are coming at the rate of speed.  We need to start creating more examples of learning like this!  Students having a digital library of ALL types reading material is just awesome.  We have to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOOK (website to follow soon 😉

Students can open the ePub in the iBooks and…

  • Tap and highlight any word and get the word defined for you instantly
  • Highligh words and phrases in different colors
    • Maybe highlight symbolism in pink
    • Highlight compound sentences in blue
  • You can also tap on any word and or phrase and create sticky note.

And people don’t understand the power of mobile!  Elation…after a long hard night, this was just the pick me up I needed.  Oh, and did I mention this is all FREE!

ePubly Yours,

The Cre8tiv Mind