CardFlick is Hot!

Ok, ok, ok…we all know about my technolust with apps.  Well, today I saw Card Flick and I am loving it.  I am always digging in my laptop bag, purse, truck, lipstick case…whatever, for a business card (on a side note I just got a really hot LV card case in an attempt to not lose my cards anymore).  Anyway, I am focused again…CardFlick is a new app “coming” to the App Store that will allow you to make your own digital business cards with varying themes and then “flick” them to a nearby person.  Check out the vid.



You have to go their site: and apply to be a Beta user.  Click this link here > to sign up.  The more friends I sign up the quicker we will all flick!

Flickly Yours,

The Cre8tiv Mind

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