Common Core Standards: If you don’t know…find out.

It has been a little quiet around the Common Core camp.  But yesterday, we heard some noise.  It is official!  Idaho makes the 43rd state to adopt the Common Core Standards (including DC…makes 44).  Let’s pause and think about this for a moment.

Beep…pause over.  How do we really feel about the CCSS?  Do you believe they will level the playing field?  Do you believe that education will now be more equitable for ALL children from California to New York? Will children of every race, religion and socio-economic background now get the opportunity to be taught the same content of kids whose zip code dictates a different level in educational equality?

Well, here are my thoughts.  I don’t know that the field will ever be completely leveled, but any attempt to make it so…I am in.  As I travel state to state providing professional development it is painfully obvious why some children excel and some don’t.  We think the standards are basically the same from state to state…they’re not.  We think the way they are unpacked is the same…it’s not.  We think that some teach our children to learn with the standards as a guide and others teach directly to them…you’re right.  It is time to take a look…a long deep look and re-evaluate a lot of things, beginning with the standards we utilize to teach and assess our students.  We have a year to get this right.  The standards are set to roll out in the fall of 2012.  How can we prepare?
Let me give you a checklist of things to do so you will be ready:

  • Watch the Common Core State Standards Webinar so you can speak intelligently about what they are.
  • Know what states actually adopted them and why your state did if applicable (look at the picture insert)
  • Visit the ‘About Standards‘ page on the CCS website so you can learn about:
    • Myths Vs. Facts
    • Key Points in English Language Arts
    • Key Points in Mathematics
    • How the standards came into existence?
    • Who is supporting the CCSS? (take a look…you may be surprised)
    • What companies are endorsing the CCSS?
    • and more
  • Visit the Common Core State Initiative site and view the actual standards.
    • Notice the areas they will cover
    • Notice who they will cover
    • Notice who made them
    • How many states contributed to their creation
    • Look at the Appendices
    • and finally, who “governs” the CCSS?
  • Educate your fellow colleagues.  Download the PowerPoint that details the standards and present at your next faculty meeting or conference.

There were 7 considerations that helped to guide the development of the CCS, know them:
1. Fewer, clearer, higher
2. Evidence
3. Internationally benchmarked
4. Special populations
5. Assessment
6. Standards and Curriculum
7. 21st Century skills

Click here to learn more about these 7 guiding factors.  Now, you can be in the know.  Read up and then reach out…let me know your thoughts.  Will you support them?  If so, let your voice be heard.  Click here to find out how you can let the world know you are a CCS supporter.  And a final FYI, once these roll-out fully in the Fall of 2013…new assessment tests will follow quickly…mmmmmmm.
Standardly yours,
The Cre8tiv Mind


One thought on “Common Core Standards: If you don’t know…find out.

  1. I have an app for Teachers, Administrators, Math Coaches and parents that facilities observations and Common Core Standards Tracking. Its in the review process, but should be approved within the next few days. There are demo videos, screen shots, and a detailed write up on our website. If you would like a redeem code when the app is approved please let me know.

    This app was made in collaboration with Dr. Skip Fennell and Jon Wray, pioneers in innovating mathematics education.

    Dr. Fennell

    Jon Wray

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