Hotness Website Shout-outs #3

I am loving this blog sequence.  It just confirms for me that there are no shortages of awesome Web 2.0 resources for our children. This should spark some excitement in us all!  Well, here we go, 10 more days and tonight…10 more sites:
  1. Wordia – Brings words to life through the use of video.
  2. Encyclomedia – Video encyclopedia where results can be embedded into a site.
  3. Zooburst – Great site for for digital storytelling, where a user can make an online 3D pop-up book.
  4. Jay Cut – Similar to iMovie that allows users to edit or create a video.
  5. Splashup – Looks like Photoshop and is a great way to edit photos and manipulate layers and effects.
  6. Comic Master – Fun site for digital storytelling that has a drag-n-drop interface.
  7. Knowcase – Create collaborative outlines with this easy-to-use site.
  8. Cloud Canvas – Great site for photo editing and drawing or painting, similar to Splashup.
  9. Magic Studio – Great multi-media site for uploading photos,documents or video and then editing them.
  10. We are Teachers – Social network for educators where lots of ideas and lessons can be found.

Where are my friends from Tennessee who joined me at iSummit?  I need a firecracker sizzle and pop…join me tomorrow…same time…same place.

Infernoly Yours,

The Cre8tiv Mind


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