Hotness Website Shout-outs #2

Hello all…it’s that time.  Time to get our web shout outs…on!  Drum roll…here goes tonight’s top 10 ten.
  1. Cacoo – Nice site for creating online charts and graphs with a built-in chat feature for collaboration.
  2. 21 Classes – Get students blogging in a safe and secure environment.
  3. Story Jumper -Excellent site for digital storytelling, with many educational resources for teachers.
  4. Education Eye – Fun site for brainstorming with this visual search engine.
  5. Kizoa – Great site for creating animated slide shows with lots of different content to choose from.
  6. Drag on Tape – Very user-friendly site that uses a drag-n-drop interface to edit and mix video.
  7. Shwup – Great site for making collaborative slide shows.
  8. PreZentit – Very similar to Shwup, a nice looking site for making collaborative slide shows.
  9. TodaysMeet – Create a real-time, private, back channel chat that brings in tweets from Twitter.
  10. MeMoov – Very user-friendly site for digital storytelling that allows users to record their voice for narration.

Hotness!  Join me tomorrow…same time…same place.

Ssssssssly (sizzle sound)  yours,

The Cre8tiv Mind


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