Hotness Website Shout-outs #1

Good evening friends.  I am feeling super on fire about technology web resources tonight.  Maybe because it is so cold outside I needed to find something that would ignite a little bit of FFFFFIIIIIRRRREEEE inside of me.  So, over the next few days I am going to list tons of Web 2.0 educational websites that get my “Hotness” stamp of approval.  Let’s go ahead and start this thing off right tonight with my first shout-out of websites.  I will do 10 each night…put the hot cocoa down…you won’t need it…HA!

  • Googlios – A way for students to create digital portfolios online using Google Tools.
  • Kidblog – Great way for schools to have kids blog. No student email is required and everything is monitored before being posted online.
  • Middlespot – Innovative website for social bookmarking that allows users to collect sites in a visual way.
  • Vuvox – A new creation platform for WYSIWYG online multimedia layout and sharing.
  • Quintura for Kids – A search engine for kids that acts a bit like a tag cloud where results can be embedded into a site
  • Encyclomedia – Video encyclopedia where results can be embedded into a site.
  • Makebeliefscomix – Comic strip generator
  • Quietube – “Magically” remove everything except the video from any YouTube page. Share the URL on a web page or via email.
  • Quizlet – Create and share interactive study materials. Keep track of your progress automatically.
  • Google Search Stories – You have seen the video…now create your own.  I LOVE THIS SITE!

Ok, that’s it…time to cool off lol.  This time tomorrow night…the hotness will continue.  Until then…

Firecrackerly yours,

The Cre8tiv Mind


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