Mobile Video Streaming for Education

I learned about a few years ago from my great friend, Dr. Larry Anderson.  With my background in video I was instantly interested in the seemingly awesome concept of having your own TV station via the internet.  Additionally, allowed for web embedding of your said channel.  As I researched more I found that they also created apps for the iPhone.

Another powerful shift in education…broadcasting from a mobile device via WiFi or 3G (dependent on your mobile device).  Unbelievable.  I stopped to ponder the potential for this awesome opportunity in an educational realm and this is what quickly came to my mind.

Virtual Field Trip:
Why not use this app for virtual field trips.  Collaborate with students around your school district, state, nation or even internationally on their field trips and or yours.  Students will be able to view what the other students are experiencing, hear them and even chat with students.  As a teacher, if you have an iPhone you could broadcast student activites to parents, other classrooms and the community at large.

Educause has created a document on in the classroom.  Check it out:

Download Ustream Live Broadcaster:
Stream live from your iPhone or iPod touch (fourth-generation) with Ustream Broadcaster!
Ustream enables anyone to quickly broadcast to a global audience of unlimited size.

Download Ustream Viewing Application:
A live and recorded video viewing application with interactive chat functionality. The application allows users to login with their Ustream account, view both live Ustream broadcasts and recorded video, and see upcoming Ustream broadcast events.

Download Ustream Recorder for iPhone 3GS:
The Ustream 3G S Recorder allows you to record videos from your iPhone and send them to your Ustream, Twitter, and Ustream on Facebook application.

Streamingly yours,

The Cre8tiv Mind

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 3
iPhone Screenshot 2


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