Tag, I am it!

My distinguished colleague, Mrs. Lucy Gray has tagged me! I have to say thanks to you Lucy because I have been on “Blog Sabbatical” for too long!

Here are the Rules:

  1. Post these rules before you give your facts
  2. List 8 random facts about yourself
  3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them
  4. Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged


  1. I have truly found my soulmate, my husband…the Big Pixel!
  2. I covered the O.J. Simpson trial when I was 21 years old (while in college at Clark Atlanta University)! I was the first paid CBS intern and I was stationed at the CBS Bureau in Los Angeles. I was a court reporter, a juror stake-outer, a research analyst on juror behaviors and identities (long story) and much more! It was “the” most fascinating summer of my life.
  3. I learned how to type 90 wpm when I was 8 years old. My father made me take Typing classes at the local college. When I was 9 he started his own business and during the summer I was his receptionist! Our company was called, Martex…Mar for Martin (my maiden name and Tex for Texas, where I grew up).
  4. My mother is a dietitian and she is the best cook in the world! She had her own catering company when I was a child and she made me (just me) pancakes every Saturday in the shape of bunny rabbits…I will never forget how special that made me feel.
  5. I wanted to be Oprah Winfrey when I was in 6th grade up until I actually started working at a television station and realized how dog-eat-dog journalism could be. In my 7th and 8th grade yearbooks from William Hugh Byrd Middle School in Duncanville, Texas everyone signed my yearbook…Dear Oprah. In the 8th grade book, Oprah actually appears next to my name ….printed!
  6. My son’s birthday is on the same day as two people that share his first and middle name…by coincidence. Mikhail Mikhail Gorbachev and Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seus)!
  7. I was in Speech and Debate when I was in high school (South Grand Prairie High School in Grand Prairie, Texas). I competed in Prose, Poetry, Duets, Oratory, Impromptu and Extemporaneous Speaking. I was really pretty good. My favorite poems to use at competition were: Victor by W.H. Auden and Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath. The latter won me 2nd place at the state UIL competition (a big deal to us little ole Texans)!
  8. My father (a computer guru himself) gave me my first computer when I was 7 years old. I searched it on the internet and this is what I found…this is too funny to me!

I know this is supposed to be about ME and I talked about my husband, mom, son, and father…but I consider them a part of me 🙂 osborne

I am tagging:

  1. Julene Reed
  2. Wesley Fryer
  3. Ted Lai
  4. Mathew Needleman
  5. Marco Torres
  6. Ty Richardson
  7. Marty Park
  8. Carol Anne McGuire

Now, I need to see if all of these people have blogs!

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3 thoughts on “Tag, I am it!

  1. Hey Cathy, thanks for the tag! Here are my 8 facts! I should have included that I participated in speech and debate for 4 years in college, at the Air Force Academy. Participating in forensics and competing about every other weekend of the school year did more to develop my literacy and communication skills than all the rest of my college classes combined. Cool to meet you virtually, I hope you had a GREAT time at the ADE institute this year! Congrats on being an ADE. It is an AWESOME community. Hope I can meet you in person sometime! 🙂

  2. Okay, because you’re so persistent and because I liked your ADE application film (although now I can’t find it) and want to spread some of that Apple love even though I hate these kinds of things. Here are my 7 facts.

    So did you find out do Marco or Carol Anne have blogs cuz I haven’t seen ’em?

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