NECC 2007: Day Two

Podcasting Panel: I was on a panel today with Apple Distinguished Educators: Dr. Larry Anderson, Julene Reed, Dr. Tim Tyson, Lucy Gray and Dan Schmitt. Steve Dembo of Discovery Education was also on our panel…thanks for the shout out on your blog. We had a huge turn out and the presentation was absolutely wonderful. I felt so invigorated to be with this esteemed group of educators and to share with the audience the many advantages of podcasting in education. It was a great session! For those of you who need more information or want to ask questions, please email me at

Check out our wiki: Podcasting For Beginners. You can also check out this blog for more info on our presentation: School Ideas Blog.

Additionally, I would like to thank Janvette Dickerson (my girl), Katheryn Weaver, Meredith Kaultman for being ssssoooooo supportive. It means more than you will ever know! A special thanks to Carol Anne McGuire of Rock Our World! She is truly an inspirational person in my life and has helped me to see the light at very dark tunnel…I don’t know how to ever truly thank you for what you did for me today…I love you!

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