NECC 2007: Top 9 Booths (so far)…

  1. APPLE BOOTH: As a new Apple Distinguished Educator I quickly made my way to the Apple booth and to my delight I met/and reacquainted myself with the following ADEs and pioneers of this Digital Age: Dr. Carl Owens, Dan Schmit, Christopher Klein, Marco Torres, Gayle Berthiaume, Dr. Larry Anderson, and Lori Roe. I also met Barbara Reid from Apple (I have been waiting a long time to meet you Barbara 🙂 and Maxx Judd, responsible for heading the ADE department! All of the ADEs and Apple employees were in rare form as usual, on hand to assist any passer-by with solutions on how to create compelling digital masterpieces through Apple hardware and software solutions! Please go by…they are offering classes that are great! You may even meet a wonderfully talented person like Ted Lai, ADE and co-author of iLife 06 in the Classroom.
  2. THINKFINITY.ORG BOOTH: was just AMAZING…check out my podcast with one of the reps, Al Browne. I am continually surprised the amount of free open source material available to educators. With a Math and Science Initiative going on in our district the web resources Thinkfinity provides are going to be an assest: Illuminations and Science NetLinks and much, much more. Please visit their website for more fabulous information. And I received a huge bottle of hand sanitizer with a hook on it…thanks!
  3. TURNING TECHNOLOGIES BOOTH: Turning Point is a student response system that has 30,000 state aligned questions loaded, the ability to create custom tests and the gradebook too…The bomb! These cute little electronic response cards (about the width of a thin calculator, but as tall as a credit card) allow students to answer questions, assessments, etc. with PowerPoint! NO Promethean Activotes necessary! It is only like $695 for a class set of 24. Please check out their booth…they have this little Pirate show thing…it is cool and I am definitely going to try and buy a set for the eLearning team.
  4. PODIUM BOOTH: For all of ya’ll trying to make the Windows PC district convert to Macs…Podium at least makes training podcasting on a PC a little less painless. Again…bombful! This gets the EXPLOSIVE AWARD tonight. Podium makes it so easy to podcast there should be no excuses…click to record, drag a picture, type a script in the script field, enter the name of the episode and one click to upload to the FTP location of your choice or click to send the feed to email…HOT! Check their booth out…they are giving away a 30 day free trial and it is cheap.
  5. EXPO BOOTH: Um this has got to be giving the other 2…you know who they are a run for the MUUNNNAAAAYYYY! The Mimio Interactive is just all that and then SOME! I thoroughly enjoyed my one-on-one presentation from Barrie Smith. This cute little device does it all! You can create a Whiteboard experience anywhere…even on the screen you use to project! Again, the price is sweet and it is portable. Again, we are going to be ordering Barrie! Watch out for us!
  6. INTEL BOOTH: This booth was full of info for me! I am trying to model Chicago Public Schools and they have a very close relationship with Intel. They have a wonderful 21st Century curriculum which is tied to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and the NETS. I signed up today to become a Master Teacher so that I can bring this great resource to our district. And please hold on to your hats…who have I been trying to meet foreva? That is right, Sharnell Jackson, Chief eLearning Officer for the Chicago Public School System. She walked right past me at the Intel booth looking stellar and refined. I was just ecstatic…hopefully she didn’t think I was crazy. Please check out their site:
  7. IMBEE BOOTH: is the only social network, collaboration, and publishing site designed specifically for young users (their words). Students can build Internet, writing and publishing skills in a fun and SECURE and easy-to-use environment (still their words). And the great part is it is FREE (my words). And they gave away a cute little vinyl coin purse.
  8. THINKQUEST BOOTH: Free, free, free, free, free…need I say more? Free websites for students and they can even upload digital media…oooohhhh it is no wonder I did not pass out today from all of this excitement. Go to
  9. TECHNOLOGY & LEARNING BOOTH: I just love this magazine…it is full of awesome resources. I was able to pick up a free copy and subscribe to more great issues…go by and fill out your subscription card and pick up a freebie.

* Additionally I visited neTtrekker, Discovery (finally met Sara Fischer and Michael Ensign), Blackboard, and many others. I will have my top 5 on tomorrow…watch for them!


4 thoughts on “NECC 2007: Top 9 Booths (so far)…

  1. Hello, Kathleen! I just discovered your blog today. I am a fellow 2007 ADE, and your blog popped up through a Google Alert. I went to NECC last year for the first time, but was unable to go this year, so I am trying to pick up as much as I can online. Thanks for the great decription of the booths you visited (and the free stuff, oh yeah). Thanks for sharing, and I’ll look forward to meeting you in July.

  2. also offers a safe social networking site with blogs for young kids…and the big plus////I agree////is no advertising. But no cute vinyl purse.

  3. Hi Cathleen, Couldn’t access the podcast with Al Browne. I direct EDSITEment, one of the Thinkfinity partners, and wasn’t able to attend NECC, so would love to hear comments you had regarding ThinkFinity in general.

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