Mabry Middle School’s 6th Annual Film Festival

I attended the Mabry Middle School’s 6th Annual Film Festival and I was floored. The first class event took place on April 24, 2007 at Mabry. There was real red carpet and even the strobe lights that they use at the Oscars were at the door. Since I was a VIP (thanks Dr. Tyson and Adair) I was greated by a student dressed in a tuxedo who ushered me to the VIP room where hors d’oeuvres were served. I enjoyed my pre-Oscar meal while listening to the orchestra…first class all the way. We were then escorted to our seats and settled in for the big event.

I was so moved by these students I almost starting crying. This event made me remember why I became an educator. The films ranged from topics like adoption to a funderaiser for buying a water buffalo for a needy family in China! The teachers and students need to be applauded for their contributions. I was very impressed and look forward to attending next year. Please visit the site so you can see the videos first hand. Mabry Middle School Film Festival


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